Thursday, August 6, 2009

Courage to post beads

Taffy, I am getting brave in my old age and will commence to blog about my passion, lampworked beads. I have been mostly a lurker on lampworketc, with an occasional post, but I can now mostly/usually operate my digital camera. And to prove my new found ability....

I have been playin around with silver rich glass...this 'pod' is Psyche from Double Helix and SIS. I have had a hard time keeping the iridsecence of the Psyche once encased with clear, but found that if angled the bead in the flame so that the fire did not hit the psyche straight on, it could be shaped and melted and keep its gorgeous iridescence. Very excited about the new glass, Ekho, also from Double Helix, got a little bit this week and played with it some but experiments only so far. Because it is advertised as being able to keep its iridesence under encasement, I gave it the worst treatment I could think of, and it did keep its color under encasement though it did look like I had managed to burn some of it off. Will try my technique of not hitting the bead straight on with the flame, but hold it at an angle.


  1. Dude!I mean Taffy! That is an awesome bead! Welcome back.

  2. Dear Monkey,

    I like this bead. May I see another?

    Pretty please?

  3. Dude your feedjit widget is freaky...2 visitors on different continents. Looks like spooky eyes or widely spaced boobs or something. Probably widely spaced boobs.Me and someone in Ludwigshafen.Holla!

  4. Hahaha! Widely spaced boobs. Reminded me of beavis and butthead. Do you remember them? I never had cable tv but somehow, I remember them. Occasionally 4th grade boy humor just works.

    So, your blog begged me to comment. It is worried about you. You seem to have lost interest. Every night, it sees you playing solitaire and looking at bead pron on your lappy. And yet, you give it no love. Why rt? Why? It is lonesome. Desirous of new content. Even something as simple as a picture. One solitary jpeg. Is that too much to ask? From your trusty blog. That stands ready, at every moment, to express your heart's desires, your mind's deepest ravings????

    I think not.